We are 100+ organizations collaborating and learning together

We include the learning leaders of some of the largest companies in the world (e.g. McDonald's, Allstate, UBS Financial Services, The Kellogg Company, etc.). Every day throughout the year, Learning CONSORTIUM members turn to each other and the staff of The MASIE Center for benchmarking, networking, research and collaboration in the Learning and Training field.
Our member organizations worldwide collaborate and learn together on the issues and challenges you face. Together, we are evaluating, inventing, revising and improving the exciting field of learning! This is a community of trust, appropriate confidentiality and syndicated efforts to enhance the effectiveness of our efforts on learning and training.


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“For years, Elliott Masie’s Learning CONSORTIUM has helped our L&D professionals pause, reflect, disrupt themselves, look in different directions, and stay curious. Many of the strategic changes we have made in the past decade have their origins in the people, conversations, and collaboration fostered by the CONSORTIUM.”
~Jeremy Smith, Herman Miller

"Brilliant, engaging, funny, and thought provoking, Elliott and the Masie Center have gone beyond being a resource for trainers, they are influencing people in government, education, and industry around the world for the better."
~Gary Harris, Wegmans

Challenges and Opportunities to Explore

  • AI, Automation, & SmarterTech:
    Building Learning Readiness for AI & More.
  • Learning Data Analysis:
    Shifting Metrics & Measures.
  • EveryDay Learning!
    From Workflow Support to Learning Cultures.
  • Learning Innovations:
    Technologies, Design Models, Experiments, & New Approaches.
  • ...and more!


Here are a few examples of how our CONSORTIUM benefits from collaboration on a daily basis:

  • A member contacts the CONSORTIUM office to identify 2 members using a specific Learning Management System to get references, context and experiences.
  • Six members collaborate in a working group to consider alternative models for employee orientation and onboarding.
  • Elliott Masie conducts briefings with learning executives from a few member organizations.
  • Members participate in a “rapid fire” poll to benchmark spending per employee on compliance issues.

Member Resources

  • Elliott Masie Live Briefing with Your Learning Organization or Business Leaders: Each year, Elliott will spend one hour, by live video, with members of your Learning Team or your Business Leaders in an interactive discussion of key learning topics, challenges, initiatives, and more.
  • Monthly Learning Dialogues and Idea Jams: Each month, there will be a live, interactive video session led by Elliott Masie, Bob Mosher, Richard Culatta, and other MASIE Fellows.
  • Learning Sandbox Projects & ThinkTanks: Throughout the year, we will organize various virtual and physical opportunities for members to think through and explore new technologies and methodologies for learning. Members will work together and with Elliott Masie and members of the CONSORTIUM team. 
  • Learning Action Projects/Engagement with Global & National Business & Learning Groups: Elliott and the MASIE Fellows will represent the CONSORTIUM in a range of national and global Learning Action Projects. These will include: “All Learning Counts” with the Lumina Foundation (a small cohort of member organizations is already collaborating with Lumina Foundation), AI & Learning Readiness, Learning Standards, and more. Progress will be shared with the entire membership!
  • 100% Vendor Neutral: We remain committed to maintaining a vendor-neutral position in the learning field. As such, we will not make recommendations of any vendor or accept any sponsorship from a learning vendor.
  • Video Snapshots from the Field: Elliott and the CONSORTIUM team will conduct video interviews with members who are working on exciting learning initiatives. We will share those videos with the entire membership!
  • MASIE Fellows: We are honored to have Bob Mosher, Richard Culatta, and Serene Wang as MASIE Fellows. They will be co-hosting and facilitating conversations and benchmarking.

The Learning CONSORTIUM is a non-stop source of learning exploration, benchmarking, common work projects and access to innovative research and development activity.

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